An Open Conversation
An Open Conversation

Episode · 9 months ago

Ain't Misbehavin'? Organizational Behavior and the Trust Crisis w/ Richard Claydon


People used to trust their communities and friends. Then, they trusted big institutions. When that failed, they started trusting strangers on the internet.

It's called distributed trust.

If you've ever used Uber, you know what distributed trust is. You trust that the driver's aggregated trust score given by other riders will keep you safe and sound.

What can organizational leaders do to embrace distributed trust?

In this episode of An Open Conversation, we sat down with Dr. Richard Claydon, organizational misbehaviorist and chief cognitive officer at EQLab, to discuss the trust crisis plaguing contemporary organizations.

We talked about:

  • What organizational misbehavior actually is and why it's getting attention
  • How organizational misbehavior erodes trust with employees and customers
  • Ways organizations can create distributed trust
  • Why company culture doesn't exist

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