An Open Conversation
An Open Conversation

Episode · 9 months ago

Rethinking Business Post-COVID w/ Barry Moltz


What will the world look like after COVID? Not since 1918 has a pandemic shut down the whole globe. Back then, it took 3 years before people would even shake hands.

We may see things bounce back more readily thanks to advances in science and the promise of a vaccine. But very little will be the same.

In this episode of An Open Conversation, we sat down with Barry Moltz, author of Getting Small Business Unstuck, to discuss the world after COVID.

We talked about:

  • Where businesses could be in 6 months, 1 year, and 3-5 years
  • How to set objectives and manage workflows for a remote team
  • Ways to hold work-from-home employees accountable for their work
  • Why and how to help employees handle emotional issues
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