An Open Conversation
An Open Conversation

Episode · 9 months ago

2 Parents Working Full-Time & Homeschooling Full-Time w/ Lucy Chung


Nearly 27% of working parents are conducting business essentially at the same table where their children are learning. This situation has some parents wondering if they'll be forced to quit their jobs to manage their families.  

What can employees and business leaders do to help parents navigate the triple challenge of parenting, teaching, and working from home? 

On this episode of An Open Conversation, we sat down with Lucy Chung, CEO & Co-Founder at NOBL. 

We talked about:  

  • Scenarios that could develop for virtual learning and remote work
  • Which programs and systems could help support working parents at home with kids
  • How to separate the urgent from the important during a pandemic

Why employers should care about the needs of working parents at home You can find all episodes of An Open Conversation by subscribing to our podcast on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, or here.

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